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Obscenity Law Advice – Adult Industry

Do you work in the adult industry and are concerned about the legality of your content?

I can provide you with legal advice specifically tailored to your needs. I have advised: adult content producers, distributors, publishers, shops, websites, photographers, performers, artists and trade associations on obscenity law, compliance and publication issues, and specialise in ATVOD compliance, the AVMS Regulations 2014 and BBFC R-18 submissions.

I can provide you with anything from a single consultation; to comprehensive written advice and legal documentation; up to total legal support on an on-going basis.

Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your needs, no matter what your project or budget are.

ATVOD and AVMS Regs 2014

I am retained by a number of adult video on demand sites regarding ATVOD compliance.

I advised the Urban Chick Supremacy Cell in their successful appeal to OFCOM, challenging ATVOD's decision.

I have advised a number of Members of Parliament regarding the impact of ATVOD's interpretation of the AVMS Regulations 2014.

Global and National Adult Industry Brands

I advise various global and national adult industry brands on an ongoing basis.

I advised a number of global brands on the political challenges facing the adult industry facing, such as: filtering, age-verification, child-protection and state censorship.

I advised an adult industry broadcaster on legal challenges to OFCOM to allow hardcore pornography on pay-per-view tv.

I advise a gay lifestyle magazine's hardcore imprint on obscenity law compliance issues.

I advised an international adult DVD distributor about complying with international obscenity laws.

I advised the world's largest gay fetish site about inter-jurisdictional hosting, publication and obscenity law.


Your Rights If Arrested

You have the right to free, independent and confidential legal advice, either in person or by phone.

You should ALWAYS exercise this right: by saying that you want a solicitor to advise and represent you.

If you do not know the name of a solicitor, you can ask for the duty solicitor to represent you.

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Current Activism Projects:

#TigerPorn Judicial Review
I am Judicially Reviewing the CPS and MoJ to clarify the extreme pornography guidelines.

#PornLaws and ATVOD
I am advising members of the adult industry about ATVOD and the AVMS Regulations 2014.






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